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Tonopah Weather

  1. Curt

    It looks cold this week but the extended weather outlook looks nicer, much nicer, maybe there is something to the Indian Summer there. Doesn't it have to freeze first then the nice Summer like weather to follow?


    11 days and a wakeup for me.
  2. markbarendt
    Just like home, except drier.
  3. Curt
    Monday the 9th and Tuesday the 10th appear to be sunny in the high '50s and cold at night, if there is low wind it all looks like a good start.
  4. Don12x20
    Any last minute update to the Sierra Forecast, particularly Tioga Pass?
    We've got snow forecasted down to 3500 feet up here in the Oregon/Washington Cascades on Saturday - which means Siskiyou Summit will be white (hopefully just wet -- chains make travel real slow....)
  5. Jim Graves
    Jim Graves
    Appears the Tioga Pass will be clear. The storm is going by farther north than originally expected ... they've even cancelled the showers in the forecast for Sacramento.

    The Yosemite forecast is good through the weekend. I checked two different forecasts ... they call for Mostly Cloudy in Yosemite Valley but only Partly Cloudy over the pass tonight (Friday) ... with tomorrow (Saturday) and Sunday as either Mostly Sunny or Sunny. I also checked Lee Vining [Mono Lake](6000' elev.) on the other side of the pass and they're calling for Sunny for today and throughout the weekend.

    Looking at the webcam at the pass, virtually all the snow that was on the meadow in the background is now gone so even if they got a snow shower overnight the road should be clear by Sunday. Looks like a safe bet to me.

    Links to webcams: View West [where the storm should be coming from] ..... and ..... Tioga Pass webcam
  6. Don12x20
    Thanks Jim

    Will I see you somewhere up on Tioga Pass or are you headed to Reno to make a large chunk of change?
  7. Jim Graves
    Jim Graves
    From the looks of it I'll be getting out of here too late to go via the Pass ... but the long range forecast looks good for coming back that way.
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