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What filters should we bring?

  1. jaimeb82
    Do you guys recommend any filters to use during the workshop for B&W?
  2. Don12x20
    Light green works well for oranges/reds in the landscape in SW USA -- things like bands of rust-red in white rocks, etc.
    Usual yellows, orange - bring them
    Red works if you want to nuke the skies - at higher altitudes it can make the sky quite black.
    Grads work in B&W as well as color.
    Light Cyan, if you have it, works better than light green on some rock formations.
  3. Curt
    What filters do you have right now and what size are they?

  4. mike c
    mike c
    The only lens I've got for my 5X7 takes 67mm ,and I'll be looking to get some before I leave at least a couple.

  5. Don12x20
    suggest light green 11, yellow 8, orange 22 as a minimal set. (filters you purchase may say something else, but usually there is a table that will tell you the closest filter number).
  6. jaimeb82
    I have some old filters that came with a 35mm lens, but never used them, I will try to find a green, a yellow, and an orange form my 210 new lens.
  7. mike c
    mike c
    I'm thinking of takeing some 4x5 tmax 400 and 100 that is out dated and fogged.The 400 is fogged the most,the 100 less,if anybody needs some pre-exposer type film I'll have some.I'll bring a developed samples for examination and zone scale placement.It's cheap,cheap,cheap!
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