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Bring the 8x10 or the MF?

  1. Jay Decker
    Got the 8x10 Kodak 2-D together and burned my first couple sheets of film, photo below. But, I have not shot LF enough to be comfortable with the camera or process. So, I'm wondering if I should even bring the 8x10 to fumble around with or just bring the MF cameras that I know well and risk making some better photos. Recommendations? Anyone willing to spend some time giving pointers to a LF rookie?

  2. Jim Graves
    Jim Graves
    Absolutely bring it. That's what these workshops are for. I've only shot about 50 8x10s. And, the more help you ask for, the more I'll learn.
  3. mike c
    mike c
    Havean't had mine that long (5x7) but taking it for main camera,and some other smaller ones don't want to much clutter but need a backup camera.
  4. markbarendt

    I'm pretty much a rookie too.

    The biggest reason for me to go to the workshop is to learn something, I say bring the big boy.
  5. jaimeb82
    I am in the same boat, learning 4x5 so I am pack with 150 sheets of efke PL100 that arrived today from freestyle. I know most are going to be bad photos but it will help me in the learning curve.
  6. Don12x20
    Bring both LF and MF
    Per or Jim or I can give you some input on 8x10 (I've only been using 8x10 since 1992 - I think Per has been at it a lot longer). I now refer to my Arca 8x10 as "point and shoot" - its so much faster than ULF camera work ;-)
  7. mike c
    mike c
    Don,what is the slowest speed you use for hand held.
  8. Don12x20
    No, its not hand held -- although you could do it with one of the hobos that Bostick sold for a while....its just the speed of setup compared with ULF (those longer focal length lenses have almost no depth of focus....)
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