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OK, the 8x10 is coming, now which lens?

  1. Jay Decker
    Here are the choices:

    • 10.5in f/8 AJAX Petzval
    • 250mm f/3.5 Zeiss Tessar
    • 36cm f/4.5 Schneider Xenar
    • 14in f/4.5 Wollensak Velostigmat Series II
    • 30cm f/4.5 Voitlander Heliar

    I've only tried the Xenar...
  2. Don12x20
    bring them all? Presume they are all mounted on lens boards?

    Petzval, Velostigmat and Heliar should be more interesting than the Tessar or Xenar, presuming you like softer effects...like Jim Galli.
  3. Curt
    Jay, I just found a B&L 1903 Tessar lens that is marked 5x7 but I don't know the focal length or any thing else about it so I'm bringing it in addition to some other lenses. If you can and are driving you might want to bring them all and get some feedback from the specialists on their best use.

  4. mike c
    mike c
    I can test some of them babys out for ya on Shaky Jack,my 5x7 B&J.If the lens board don't fit I'll barrow some baling wire, and duck tape from Jim G.,I know he must carry that stuff around in that pick up of his that has no brakes.
  5. Curt
    Thanks Mike but it came with my Kodak 5x7 and is mounted on a board to fit the camera, I just put it away when I got the camera and hadn't thought about it until today. It's fairly clean has engraved marks and an iris in barrel mount. It's f4.5 so the Tessar table says it's from 1917. I might shoot a film with it tomorrow and see how good or bad it is. These lenses with an iris and a retaining ring in fairly clean optical shape go for a whole $50.00. It's going to be one thousand one, one thousand two, etc. no shutter and it only stops down to f32.
  6. Jim Graves
    Jim Graves
    Curt ... you can use the "Jim Galli Shutter" ... two dark slides held in one hand forming an horizontal vee ... bottom dark slide covers the lens as the loaded film holder slide is pulled ... then the holders are moved vertically until the top one covers the lens ... then with the lens still covered, the film holder dark slide is reinserted. The width of the vee and the speed of movement determines the "shutter" speed.

    We'll have to ask for a demonstration ... I've never tried it. Here's a shot of Jim in action:

  7. Don12x20
    I'll be bringing one of Ron Tichner's new front-of-the-lens shutters.
    Works well for 1/8 to 1/1000 times.
  8. Jim Graves
    Jim Graves
    I'm anxious to see one of those ... I corresponded with him about it but haven't ordered one. Here's a link to one on ebay (expired listing) with photos of the shutter: Link
  9. outwest
    Bring them all! Otherwise, the one you will want to try will be the one at home. I don't remember which ones I packed for Tonopah 2 weeks ago (we just got back last night from a run to San Diego via Albuquerque and Prescott and back via Phoenix and Moab) but they probably could range from 159 to 672 mm for the 8x10, although I may have skipped the 159. I made an adapter to front mount a Packard. By the way, as we went through Monument Valley it looked like Mark was really getting it over Ignacio way. I only had a driveway full of snow to welcome me. Fortunately, the forecast through Friday looks good for getting back over the mountains. The ETA at the Silver Queen should be Saturday afternoon.
  10. mike c
    mike c
    Thats ok Curt,I just received the 12" Ilex Paragon Anastigmat set in a no.4 acme synchro shutter.When I bought my 5x7 it came with an extra uncut lens board,so I drilled it out and mounted the lens. Take it out and fire off a few shots .The only thing I can complane about is the B and T setting are kind of funky,but nothing I can't deal with.
  11. Curt
    I'm at the airport waiting to go. When I checked in my suitcase was 50 lbs overweight! They let me go but told me to use two suitcases on return. I like the 3gs iphone.
  12. mike c
    mike c
    Packing up my car be leaven in half an hour.
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