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Home safe and mostly sound

  1. Jim Graves
    Thanks to Per and Jim for a great workshop. Wonderful shooting locations, gracious host, ever-helpful Per, nice range of fellow photographers (nice people as well), excellent margaritas and a mean buffalo burger ... couldn't have been better.

    I came back through Reno ... in case any of you were worried about John Ascuaga's Nugget continued financial health ... worry is over ... surprisingly the house bested me at craps ... I guess that's why it's call the "Law of averages." Fortunately it was $5 martini night so I don't remember how much I lost.

    I did, however, watch as a woman won $100,000 at Pai Gow poker ... a 7-card straight flush for 1000 times her wager of $100. I asked her if she was interested in photography or photographers but I don't think she heard me.

    I shot 8 6x9s (Super Ikonta), 23 4x5s, 18 Whole Plates, and 20 8x10s ... in 6 cameras, with 11 lenses, on 6 films ... and I wonder why I'm still struggling to get consistent results ... go figure?

    Now all I have to do is develop them all 5 at a time and then print the worthy negatives ... that'll be about 3 prints if I'm lucky ... and one of those had better be the portrait of Per or I can't come back ... and, I'm really hoping we can do this again next year.

    Oh yeah, here is the shot of the week ... thanks to John Powers' sharp eye and forceful "STOP!!! Back Up!!!" ... and of course, it's digital and photoshopped with Auto Levels, Auto Colors, and Auto Contrast ... I'm still learning Photoshop as well.
  2. Jay Decker
    Jay Decker
    Per, Jim - thank you very much for everything, your time, your patience, your instruction, your hospitality, your good company, and your wit. I had a wonderful time, learned a lot, and overcame fears and uncertainties of starting to walk the LF path.


  3. Steinerphoto
    Hi Per, Jim and all the rest of the APUG guys,
    Thank you for the great workshop in Nevada. It was fun sharing and learning! The beauty of the teacher:student relationship is that is it always revolving, the student becoming the teacher and the teacher becoming the student ...on infinitum. Jim, I really appreciated your local knowledge re your area and your dynamic selection of lenses. So much to see and so little time.
    Per, sorry Norm and I couldn't stick around to say "Goodbye and Thanks" for the final day. Norm had the idea that if we left at 5am we could shoot the gauntlet and do Hwy 120. We headed West to Lee Vining. As we passed the White Mountains, the Sierras appeared to be draped in fog. They just turned on the "Pass Closed" sign when we approached the turn off. After a hot latte in LV, we headed north amidst snow showers and plummeting temperatures to Reno, and then over Hwy 80 to home. Nice and warm in Fairfax, about 68 F. Indeed, home again.
    Glenn Steiner

  4. outwest
    Ditto the thanks to Jim and Per. I really enjoyed the time spent with you all. I got home yesterday afternoon after having to hold a day on the western slope until the roads were clear over the Rockies. I stopped in Ely Sunday afternoon and finished off my loaded whole plates at the railway museum. It was 28 degrees with a 30 mph wind outside but cozy (and dark!) in the engine barn.
  5. outwest
    OK Jim, just counted. 27 4x5s, 15 5x7s, 10 whole plates, 15 8x10s on 5 cameras with 15 lenses on 7 films. Oldest lens was an 1874 Ross and the newest was a 1929 Xenar.
  6. Don12x20
    I got home very late on Saturday night after traveling through the Feather River canyon and staying overnight in Quincy to avoid the ice on Siskiyou summit (Still plenty of snow and wet roads on Saturday afternoon).

    Will be in the darkroom starting on Thursday night and Saturday - hope to post some images shortly thereafter.

    Would like to see more of others work.

    Thanks, Jim and Per, for an outstanding workshop. I'd do it in a heartbeat next year! Great group of people attending - I learned something from each of you, and I appreciate that.
  7. mike c
    mike c
    I'm a lite weight,Chauncey,I did manage to expose about 25 5x7,s and 3 rolls of 220.And thanks agian Jim and Per,I'll be back again.
  8. Jim Graves
    Jim Graves
    "OK Jim, just counted. 27 4x5s, 15 5x7s, 10 whole plates, 15 8x10s on 5 cameras with 15 lenses on 7 films. Oldest lens was an 1874 Ross and the newest was a 1929 Xenar. Chauncey"

    So that makes ... between the two of us ... 8 6x9s, 50 4x5s, 15 5x7s, 28 Whole Plates, and 35 8x10s ... in 11 cameras, with 26 lenses, on 7 films ... and they say film is dead!!!!!

    I can't even come close to your oldest lens, but my newest is a 1976 Fuji 240 ... which means our glass spanned 102 years.

    Chauncey ... you and I should not be allowed to shoot together ... it could cause a warp in the space/time continuum and swallow us all.

    Jim from Sacramento
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