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Lets see some pics!

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  1. Don12x20
    I hope it will be a new contributor! I've been spreading out mine so that others can post and we get a 'mix' when people look at all the pictures....
  2. Don12x20
    So how soon do we open the gallery to the world of APUG? (I'm posting here because it failed to create a new thread properly)

    Downsides: Not all have posted

    Your comments?
  3. outwest
    I just finished the negs tonight. I'll start on the prints tomorrow. I don't see the rush to open the gallery until there are a lot more pics posted.
  4. Jim Graves
    Jim Graves
    I still have about 10 more to post ... just have to get them scanned. Or maybe I'll try to get them printed this weekend and shoot them digitally like Chauncey. Watched the space shuttle come in today ... sort of reminded me of Chauncey's reentry slowdown at the city limits of Goldfield ... .
  5. markbarendt
    Got the 5x7 enlarger working!

    It was oh so sweet to get the do an analog print. Posted a couple.

    1st printing session in 40 years. Got to burn and dodge and everything.
  6. Don12x20
    Did you go to see the shuttle land in person at Edwards?

    I'd like to wait a bit also until I get some prints done (and imaged) rather than just posting the negative scans inverted!
  7. Jim Graves
    Jim Graves
    Don ... nope, they landed in Florida. I'd like to get down there for a landing but you usually don't know they're going to Edwards as the alternate site until the last minute. I did shoot landings there when I was a pilot in the Air Force ... kind of a surreal place [not as surreal as Goldfield] ... but it's sure nice to have a runway that seemingly never ends ... especially when the runway temperature is 140 degrees.

    Mark ... sweet ... after the Christmas morning of pulling your negative out to see what you've got ... there's nothing quite as rewarding as focusing that image in the enlarger for the first time. If you'd like, I'll mail you the laser Enlarger alignment tool and you can check to see just how it lines up ... comes with instructions and everything ... just pm me your address ... and, anyone else out there who'd like to try out the system, just let me know.
  8. markbarendt

    I'll probably take you up on that but I need to sort out the bigger issues the enlarger still has first.

    For example the Base Board is warped, replacing that might effect the alignment. :rolleyes:

    I did get the 135mm enlarger lens in a board, literally with a friction fit, barrel shimmed tight with a small strip of paper, so I can use it now, bring on the big bulb now, I have aperture control.

    This machine is not a high tolerance or well trained, more of a free spirit sowing it's wild oats and experimenting with..., well we won't go there.

    The thing I most need to figure out next is how to address a hot spot in the flow of light. Mike C sent me a Kodak manual and I found a reprint of the original manual that is on it's way. Researching "white flashed opal glass" and looking for anybody's ideas on how to address that.

    When the enlarger matures a bit I'd love to borrow the tool.
  9. markbarendt
    I figured out the hot spot! You have to find the sweet spot where the bulb and reflector actually cooperate. Still looking for ideas on the diffuser. http://www.apug.org/forums/forum147/...tml#post901079
  10. mike c
    mike c
    After forty years Mark you are going to have some pains and stiff joints.
  11. mike c
    mike c
    Don, can you give it another week.I still have about 5 or so sheets and 1 or two rolls I found rolling around in the floor boards of the car the other day.
  12. outwest
    Just came out of the darkroom. Managed to get a few quick 8x10 contacts done from the mining park and started playing with the 4x5 from the giant box camera that I thought was FP4+ when shooting but found out was Ortho 25. I'm using paper from the first run of Lodima that turned out to be more like grade 3 than 2. I'll probably redo a couple of them on Azo grade 2. Anyway, it looks like the time for the 4x5 on Lodima is going to be 3/4 sec! 1 sec was dark and 1/2 sec was light. I think it will be going to the enlarger where I will have a little more control or else I'm going to have to use a night light for exposure;-) I hope to have time to wash them tonight so maybe I can post them tomorrow if I can get them flat enough for the scanner.
  13. Don12x20
    We'll wait until all are in agreement. but I'll keep asking....
  14. mike c
    mike c
    Sounds good Don, found my cow picture,post tomorrow.
  15. jimgalli
    Hi all. Been away from the computer. I need to cull through mine and see if there's a few more I'd like to post. I think there are. Anytime is fine with me Don, and thanks for putting the area together for us.
  16. markbarendt
    I'm good to go, may take a while to get more up.
  17. mike c
    mike c
    After the cow what else is there,any time is fine with me to open it up Don.
  18. Don12x20
    I've got some BVD's (no, not underwear, but brown van dykes) coming out later tonight. I'll scan and post. Then we'll open it up....but we can keep adding more.... I was teaching my daughter to do alt processes and we started with BVD so I'm all setup and running**. Pt/Pd and Carbon later...

    **for anyone that hasn't done alt processes, this and cyanotype are in my opinion the easiest and cheapest to start with...to learn coating and brush strokes
  19. outwest
    My scans of my prints don't look a lot like my prints. I scanned at 300 dpi and then sized to 800 pixel max dimension and saved with the least compression to get under the max file size. What do you guys do? Any sharpening to get it more like the print?
  20. Don12x20
    I just scan at 360dpi, size to 800 max size with 150 dpi, and then just let APUG's upload applet do its dirty work....Not pretty at times.

    I've got some 7x17 and 12x20 images coming....making them 800 in one dimension makes them pretty small....
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