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Lets see some pics!

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  1. jimgalli
    I've been downsizing in Photoshop to about 540 wide using the "BiCubic-Sharper" setting, then ever-so-mildly sharpening to get the edge back and saving at about a level 9 .jpg. It was the best compromise I found so that I could get the files to 97kb and limit the APUG meat grinder's effect. I didn't do that on the first few I uploaded and I can see the difference in the later batch.
  2. Jay Decker
    Jay Decker
  3. Jay Decker
    Jay Decker
    That's it... all my Tonopah images are posted.
  4. mike c
    mike c
    Thats alot Jay,alot of high quality stuff there.
  5. Jim Graves
    Jim Graves
    Has Curt emerged from the darkroom since receiving his rollo pyro?
  6. outwest
    I think Curt is making space for his new NuArc. I've finished proofing my decent sized negs for the time being, so now on to the miniatures (4x5).
  7. mike c
    mike c
    Was printing my 5x7 negs with my zone iv enlarger and decided to take the head apart to make it work better,it just ant no 5x7 enlarger no way.
  8. outwest
    You must have the first model, Mike. The fact that it didn't really cover 5x7 was addressed in the second model.
  9. mike c
    mike c
    Yea, its a model #1.Get a lot of fall off on 5x7 but work's great for 4x5.
  10. outwest
    Just loaded a Grafmatic's worth of pics from the trusty 1947 GI Speed Graphic. I've given up trying to get scans that look like the prints. Of course this batch, taken with Ortho 25 which I have yet to tame, would be more at home on a grade 1 paper instead of the grade 2+ of the contact paper. The 203mm f/7.7 Kodaks never cease to amaze me, even this old, uncoated, way pre-Ektar one. I wish you could see the negs - they are sooooo crisp!
  11. outwest
    I think the ones I just loaded will do it for me. I don't believe I've ever done so much proofing so quickly, but they will be good to work from when I start printing for real. I loaded the 4x5 shots with my pictorial lens and the ones from the late afternoon in Goldfield (and a couple the next day) and some more whole plates from Ely. Oh, and an 8x10 from the dunes that hadn't looked interesting enough to print earlier when I was doing the other 8x10s. Thought what the heck, everything is set up so printed it and now I'm beginning to like it. Of course, all the prints are more interesting than the scans.
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