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Lets see some pics!

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  1. jimgalli
    Just getting some quick and dirty scans tonight. Fun stuff! The bed springs and the sinks were done with the little lens I sold to Harlan.
  2. mike c
    mike c
    Wow, those are great Jim.Never seen springs and sinks look so good.Been working on mine ,think I my have some nice ones also.
  3. Don12x20
    Outstanding, Jim! I've never seen springs looking like these.

    I'm only able to begin to get into the darkroom on Thursday night.....
  4. slumry
    I love your sinks, mine was a bust...for mine if everything is not in focus it is a failure, whereas yours works when most of it is out of focus. Go figure.
  5. Jay Decker
    Jay Decker
    Posted a few of mine...
  6. mike c
    mike c
    My daughter just helped me post 3,I think I'll be able to do the others my self. I'm just loving this.
  7. Jay Decker
    Jay Decker
    Developed the last of my 8x10 film last night, did some quick scans this morning, and posted them...
  8. Don12x20
    I've posted a few scans. Not yet in Pt/Pd....
    Plenty more to come.
  9. Don12x20
    Great group of images, Jay. Were the latest done with 35mm? (I don't recall you taking the big iron on top of the hoodoos....)
  10. Jay Decker
    Jay Decker
    Yes, they were taken with a 35mm RF. I did not have filters for my 8x10 lenses, the light was flat, so put a minus blue on the 35mm RF and went out to see what I could see...
  11. outwest
    Got the 8x10s and the whole plates developed and starting on the 5x7s today. Found a sheet of 8x10 Velvia that had been lurking in a holder. Of course, I found it after it had been processed in PMK. A little dense but would have been printable. I don't have a suitable scanner for negs so it will be a while until I have prints to scan. What do you guys use to scan your negs?
  12. Don12x20
    Looking forward to seeing your images

    For now, I'm just putting the 8x10's on top of the V750. Haven't seen any dreaded Newton rings, and no need to waste the mounting using the ScanScience -- the resulting low res jpg's (limited to 800x800 pixels) don't need the detail.

    And haven't scanned any of the 7x17 or 12x20. I'll probably print those then image with the M8 to post.

    BTW - the low res image used for your avitar on your posts -- that looks like a place I lived only 2 miles from. Is it Garden of the Gods? Or ???
  13. jimgalli
    I'm using a V700 (taking my chances with the evil newton). But I've learned that the APUG software is not kind if it does the re-sizing, so these last 5 or 6 were resized in PS to roughly 540 tall or so and then saved at whatever number first fell below the 97.7kb threshold. They look better than the earlier ones that APUG turned into sausage. Not so bad on the soft focus ones, but the back door Goldfield shot took a definite beating.
  14. Don12x20
    Yes, even when I resized them myself to fit in < 800 per side in photoshop, the software did some sausage grinding to the images -- they don't display well at this resolution ;-(
  15. outwest
    Don, that is near the top of Mt. Evans looking out across South Park. A 4x5 wildlife photo shot with a 135mm lens!
  16. Don12x20
    I see it now -- its Rocky Mountain Goats. I've seen these many times.
    Thanks! I'd always wondered. Impressive - 135mm 4x5. You are close!
  17. outwest
    As we age, some of us have senior moments, or senior months, I can't remember which. Like the film I loaded in the giant box and the bicycle camera that I used to take the group portraits. This was about 2 months before the workshop and, naturally, I didn't bother to label the holders that lived only with those cameras. At the workshop, I assumed I had loaded FP4+, but before I developed them I thought I would double check. Seems the box camera had Ortho 25 (or Efke 25, they have the same notch code!) and the bicycle camera HP5+! Thinking back, it made sense, sort of, that I would put a vintage type film (the Ortho) in the vintage camera figuring that with the bright (?) Nevada sunshine 1/60 at f/11 wouldn't be bad at 25 speed. So, having two shots of each, I developed one along with a batch of Ortho 25. I think it is printable but I will push the second sheet a little. As for the thought behind loading the HP5+, who knows? The HP5+ test will come tomorrow. I've finished the 8x10s, whole plates, and 5x7s except for 4 TMY 5x7s and 2 HP5+ whole plates. Maybe I'll throw one of the bicycle camera HP5+s in with the whole plates tonight. Now, where did I put my darkroom?
  18. Jim Graves
    Jim Graves
    Chauncey ... I have one of those cameras ... not used much, but my experience was that the 400 ASA worked the best. Jim in Sacramento p.s. I had a number of those film outside the dark slide experiences ... but I wasn't even using a glass plate and tape ... I just put the film in the plate holders and hoped for the best ... worked O.K. 50% of the time ... I think that's about half of the time, isn't it? As I said somewhere else on this forum, I tend to shoot first and think later ... sometimes much later. Good luck with the developing.
  19. outwest
    Shucks, thought I was nearly finished when a comparison of negs versus notes said I had 2 more 8x10s and a Grafmatic and a Kinematic to go. The 8x10s had gotten buried in the output pile and the 4x5s were hiding in the camera case. Back to the darkroom.
  20. Jim Graves
    Jim Graves
    WOW ... we're at 96 pictures posted ... who's going to break 100?
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