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For those of you interested in Pt/Pd...

  1. Don12x20
    If you don't already have a copy of Dick Arentz's book on Pt/Pd, pick up a copy quickly. Focal press has decided to let it go out of print, and no more copies are apparently at the publisher....
  2. mike c
    mike c
    I ordered and received mine already. Posted wrong the first time.
  3. slumry
    I just got my book and even though I am a long way from actually printing pt/pd, the book has proven to be very useful in explaining things. I was surpised at the high quality of the book and the fact that considerable care was evident in the reproduction of the prints. It was a pleasure working with Mr. Arentz to obtain the book.
  4. Curt

    I was going to order one and found that Amazon has three of them. It's too bad they are going out of print it drives the price right up showing that there is a demand and that the book shouldn't be going out of print.

    Don, do you have any other suggestions for a source of the book?

  5. jaimeb82
    Curt, did you try here:
  6. mike c
    mike c
    Jaime,they have it for alot less,but could not find were to order on webb site.There's a couple of other books I'd like to get,but ain't got the bucks right now.Hay any of you fellas going to the Joshua Tree get together work shop that Per puts on, the 6,7,8, of Feb.
  7. slumry
    The Dick Arentz site has not been updated in awhile I am not sure if he is still selling the book. I did buy the book through him; however, I was only able to get one because he had gotten a few from the publisher. It was more than the original price listed. I am not sure if he has any more to sell. Dick was very helpful and it was a pleasure to do buiness with him. It is a great book.
  8. Curt
    Jaime, thanks for the reference, Mike, I'd like to go to the Joshua Tree get together but I'm on for Feb. and looking at the future workshops. If I had it my way I'd go to them all. The best of all Worlds would be to have the Owens Valley workshop run right next to or concurrent to the Tonopah workshop. Even a week in between or a few days would be great. I'm working on print #2 right now. The Carbon Transfer print is being pressed right now with only minutes to go until I develop it. The first one went OK until I developed it. It began looking fine then frilled to pieces and I had to pull it with only a small part in the center that looked like an image. It may take a couple of tries before I get it. And a lot of tries to get one I'd want to mount. I did get the relief though and that was exciting.


    Oh, has anyone heard from Don, I hope he is feeling OK?
  9. Don12x20
    I've been real busy at work.
    Curt -- consider printing on a good inkjet paper -- I've used the Hannemuhle Bamboo and Baryta quite successfully. The Micro-porous surface just grabs the carbon tissue.
    And I'm remiss in not sending the rubylith yet -- use it to mask around the print and it won't frill from overexposed edges. (you just can't do very wide black borders without some risk...)
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