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When will the Tonopah Workshop Cirkut image be posted?

  1. Don12x20
    Looking forward to this, and just wondering if you'd had a chance to develop it yet?
  2. slumry
    Thanks for bringing up the question, I was wondering what was missing. Perhaps Jim is too busy selling lens to the likes of myself. Aparently the LGM are in the middle of the XMAS rush...fwiw, anyone got some old coke bottles?
  3. jimgalli
    Thanks for asking. Latent image is still in the camera and lazy photographer has shifted gears to hot rod Model A mode. Hmmmmm. Need to get that done. I've been flogging the LGM's to find more stuff to sell in order to feed the hot rod fires. Sold the Dallmeyer 6D! Probably never see one of those again. Anybody want to buy the Cirkut? No, I'm not getting out of the photos for good, just trimming.
  4. slumry
    I am going in too many directions as it is; otherwise, I would be interested in the Cirkut...and if I had a really long sink. Jim, I did get the wee Petzel and it is a cute little thing. I am now trying to figure out how to mount it so I can get great images just like Mr. Galli. Thanks for the lens.
  5. markbarendt
    [quote]Anybody want to buy the Cirkut?[Quote/]

    It would be like adopting a teenager that was on the football team. I don't think I could afford to feed it.
  6. Jim Graves
    Jim Graves
    Yeah ... care, feeding, and operation of a machine like that is 3 levels above my skill level ... I'd have to attend the Galli School for the Rationally Impaired Photographer ... hey, wait a minute ... I was just there in November ... so maybe ... NAH. But it is just about the coolest camera I've ever seen. Maybe Nelson needs to buy it ... he's used to those long pieces of film.
  7. Jim Graves
    Jim Graves
    Current ebay auction for the Cirkut Cam gear set, tripod and case ... but no camera!!! Starting bid of $475 ... and no camera!

    Here's the link: Link to auction
  8. Don12x20
    Any update when Jim is going to post this image?
  9. Jim Graves
    Jim Graves
    I got this email from him Sunday (May 9): "Thanks for thinking of me Jim! Great to hear from you. I may be out of the Cirkut biz. Don't seem to have the energy for it just now. In fact the neg made out in the rocks still languishes inside the camera. This stuff ebbs and flows as you know. In 6 months I may be all gung ho again. Note my new email address. Best to you. Jim"

    So ... it sounds like we burned him out in November ... we all know how that goes ... fits and spurts ... plus, I know he got a vintage Ford Phaeton to restore earlier this year ... so that, no doubt, has him consumed all by itself.
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