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If you're just joining this group to view pictures; please read then intro yourself

  1. Don12x20
    1) Be sure to display all the pictures -- there are a lot of them. Some attendees have shown everything they made; others have filtered heavily. No attempt at editiing their selections has been made.

    2) Feel free to add comments underneath the pictures - we'd like to encourage you to do so.

    2a) Derogatory, inflamatory posts or those off topic or directly attacking will be deleted.
    2b)That does not preclude you from posting negative comments that are technically based (such as "I think your image lacks contrast" or "I think you have a light leak" or "I don't like your composition")

    3) you may NOT post your own pictures here -- this is reserved for those who actually attended the workshop.

    4) Please tell us a little bit about yourself -- you can reply to this thread. We'd like to know you.

    Thanks for joining to view the pictures!
  2. brian d
    brian d
    I was going to attend the workshop but had to withdraw. I joined the group to see what I missed
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