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2009 Tonopah Workshop Attendee Burb Book Project

  1. Jay Decker
    If there is at least a dozen attendees who would like participate in a Blurb book project (http://www.blurb.com/), I volunteer to put the book together. I will need one or two other people to proof the drafts in pdf form and provide comments. Here is what you would have to provide to participate:

    - a photograph of you taken within the past 3 years
    - three to ten of your photographs taken on your way to, during, or on your way home from the 2009 Tonopah Workshop
    - titles, and any desired description, for each photograph submitted
    - a short bio on yourself that is greater than 100 words, and less than 200 words
    - a signed release to include your photographs, the photo of you, and information about you in the book
    - CD/DVD(s) with all of your photographs, the photograph of you, and your bio. The photographs must be in high resolution TIFF or a Photoshop CS3 (or lower) version format
    - the submission deadline would be May 1st.

    While I have never done this before, believe that I can create a simple book. So, you are hereby notified that you would be a guinea pig in this project!

    You and anyone else would be able to purchase the books on http://www.blurb.com/. I would guesstimate that the books would cost $70 to $80 per copy. But, hey! Your photographs would be published in a book!

    Any discussion before I request a participant registration?

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