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Your eight print exchange prints are due May 1st!!!

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  1. Jay Decker
    Gentlemen - your prints have been shipped!
  2. mike c
    mike c
    "WA-WHOOOOIE". that's not right again "WAAAH-HOOOOO"!!!!. better.
  3. Jim Graves
    Jim Graves
    Thanks Jay ... whats our freight/materials bill?
  4. Jay Decker
    Jay Decker
    Shipping ended being cheap for an unexpected reason. If you sent more than $8 with your prints, send me your address or PayPal ID... I owe you a refund.
  5. slumry
    I just got my prints, thanks for packing them so carefully and taking care of all the details. They are magnificent. It is really good to see how other people print and all I can say is that it inspires me to try different things. I particularly like the things done with the old lens and those prints done using alternate printing techniques. Thank you all for participating, you really made my day.
  6. mike c
    mike c
    "MAN O MAN and Man-ta-chev-its" What a great group of photo's I got in the mail today.These photo's just turned my living room in a top notch ART GALLERY,Getty museum eat your heart out. Yee ha,the Gazebo gang pulls off a big one.Harman's (Chapman) Car hood is fantastic,gum over platinum is beautiful thanks for taking the extra time and materials.Dons portrait of our fearless leader in soft focus mode is excellent ,looks like pl/pt print.Jays portrait of Mark alias the Colorado Kid is another soft focus lens (Jim Galli and his lenses has had a great influence here).Jamie's Corrugated and Holey building interior is great.Got two stoves in a corner one with chair and one with out ,Chauncey and Jim G. and all so the fenders and the sprocket ed wheel,both really nice,will have to go threw the Pic gallery to find the photographer. It was a great work shop and would like to attend another. Thanks fellas and also Jay for organizing and mailing.
    Mike Clark
  7. Jim Graves
    Jim Graves
    Got mine today ... very nice ... and what fun! I'm hoping to repeat the workshop this November ... I think I have some things figured out this time.

    Jay ... I need to PayPal you some $$ ... is the monkeytumble email address the right one for PayPal???
  8. Don12x20
    I haven't seen anything that Per and Jim are doing this workshop in November this year....have you heard?
  9. Jim Graves
    Jim Graves
    Yup ... but apparently they're talking about late October ... which would be better.

    On Per's site ... under 2010 workshops: "Tonopah / Goldfield - Nevada
    "The Golden Touch"

    Per Volquartz and Jim Galli.
    A repeat of a popular workshop!
    Brass lenses, shimmering light, uncoated optics!

    Late October

    Info to come soon

  10. jaimeb82
    Man! can't wait to get home and see if the photos arrived today! I think the workshop this year is going to be at the end of October. I am working on convincing the wife again, I need a plan...
  11. mike c
    mike c
    Jaime,ask Per he has an answer for just about anything maybe he can figure out a plan for you.You don't get to be the head cheese of the Gazebo Gang for noth'un you know!
  12. outwest
    My set arrived today. Thank you everyone (and especially Jay) for your efforts. Now I'll have to go back through the posted pictures and see who did what for the ones that weren't identified. I know which one is Jaime's though because I was there. I'm going to have to check up on the technique Harlan used - that is a really neat effect.
  13. slumry
    I am to blame for the fender madness print. I guess I should have at least labeled the back. I don’t know what profound thing it says about anything, I just liked the curves. I liked Harlan’s print so much that it already has a date with the frame shop.
  14. jaimeb82
    The prints are amazing, thanks Chauncey for mailing the one a commented on as an extra one, and for helping on my first day, you rule. Nice work and really good papers in the one with the car, Per's portrait, Jay's portrait of Mark really nice print finish, all are amazing and good quality prints. I am going to buy mat frames and they all go around the house. This is my first print exchange and I really enjoyed doing it. Thanks to everyone who participated and put some time into making this happen, Jay personally for organizing.

    Cheers to everyone,

  15. Jay Decker
    Jay Decker
    Sounds like you enjoy your prints! Having the work of people you know surround you is wonderful. You are welcome and I hope we do it again!
  16. markbarendt
    Hey all,

    Great stuff! I'll be taking my set to photo club next month to show off your work.

    Thanks everybody.
  17. hchapman
    Thank you to Jay and all of the printers!
    I really like the diversity of the images, techniques, and print sizes. It is a real treat to have this collection of wonderful work.
    Once some unplanned home chaos eases up I'd like to post a list of the images that I haven't connected with the photographers so we can ID all of them.
  18. Jay Decker
    Jay Decker
    Not that you can't tell which one is mine, but I'll post the version of the image that submitted anyway.
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