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Anybody else planning to do this workdhop again????

  1. Jim Graves
    I'm hoping to do this workshop again in October ... anybody else???
  2. slumry
    I would love to; however, I was told by a higher authority that I only get one workshop this year and that will be the 5 Churches in 5 Days in Northern NW. I think Tonopah will be a lot more fun, I hear the leader of the 5 Churches workshop is this Danish guy who keeps telling the participants to not get too excited, plus he gives out virtual homework.
  3. markbarendt
    I'm doing the 5 churches thing too this year, that's probably it for me.
  4. mike c
    mike c
    I'm hoping to go to the Tonopah work shop again to,have singed up for the 5Churches.Been taking jake out to LA down town early in mornings to work on getting straight upright buildings,can't have any tilting Churches.
  5. hchapman
    I very much would like to attend this year's Tonopah workshop.
  6. outwest
    I'd like to do Tonopah again also, but I'm in Slumry's boat regarding house rules since I'm doing 5 Churches. Maybe by next year Jim will have the wheels on his car - and a lot fewer lenses;-)
  7. Curt
    I pushed it to the max this year, I went to the Pt/Pd & Carbon workshop at Per's in Pasadena, that's one, then I went to Newport Oregon to a Carbon workshop with Vaughn, that's two, and to finish up the year I'm going to the 5 Churches workshop, that's three. I wanted to go to Owens Valley and Tonopah but I packed it in for the season. Tonopah isn't so much a place as it is an experience.

    I lost count of the individuals from the Tonopah workshop that will be going to Espanola, it's sure to be a fantastic time. I'm looking forward to the big workshop, 5 states in 5 weeks.
  8. mike c
    mike c
    5 week in 5 stats,when does that start Curt?
  9. Curt
    I'd like to go to Tonopah again, but this year was the year of an all out workshop in Espanola and surround. I always wanted to go to a workshop in Owens Valley so I took my time going home and went there a couple of weeks ago. Tonopah was the beginning of these excursions.
  10. mike c
    mike c
    I think there might be a Tonopah this spring,not sure on date,at least I hope so.
  11. mike c
    mike c
    Well Tonopah workshop in a couple of weeks May 2.Any of the Gazebo Gang going?
  12. Curt
    I'd like to see the folks again but I'm tapped out of energy these days. Is it going to be an annual event or is this the last one? If you get to the "secret place" and see a cow there say hello!
  13. mike c
    mike c
    I expect a few bleached bones and open desert and one last photo-opp.
  14. Curt
    Well kow-tow-meow! Have a lot of fun there!
  15. jimgalli
    Curt, I can't picture you with no energy! Come to Tonopah and we'll hook you up to the Model T coil and light you up!
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