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Hope 2012 is a good year for you and yours.

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  1. Robert Brummitt
    OK, let ,me see what is happening in May. I have several jobs going on and need a little extra time. I would really love to hear what the rest of you think? Give me some feed back.
  2. gmikol
    First weekend in May is no good for me...but I'm just one guy. Now, if we want to get together for Forest Service cross-cut saw training...first weekend in May is great. How's Trout Lake, WA sound?

    In all seriousness, one thing I'd like to have/see is maybe an hour or so informal "live forum" type round-table. Have a couple of topics planned for discussion. Maybe invite participants to prepare little 5-minute presentations or something. Something a little bit more grass-roots, as opposed to top down. And no "secret sauce" allowed! Anyway, just an idea.

  3. Robert Brummitt
    Robert Brummitt
    Sounds like a great idea. Want to lead it?
    Any other ideas?
  4. DarkroomDan
    I can probably make it the first or second weekends in May. The third weekend is one of the dates being considered for the Spring Alt-Photo Pacifica meeting which will be held up in Coquitlam, BC this year. The forth weekend is Memorial Day holiday weekend in the US.

  5. gmikol
    >Robert Brummitt - Yesterday, 08:21 PM
    >Sounds like a great idea. Want to lead it?

    Maybe...let me bake the other half of the idea first.

  6. gmikol
    @Darkroom Dan--

    Do you have any more info on the Coquitlam event?

  7. DarkroomDan

    The group meets three times a year, winter, spring, and fall. We have been meeting in Bellevue, WA but at our January meeting we voted to have the next meeting in BC because we have several members who live up there and regularly trek down here for meetings. The date is not definite yet: it will be either May 19 or June 2 to be determined by an email poll of the members. The location will be in Coquitlam but I don't know the location yet. It will be announced in the email poll. I will post that information here when I know it.

    This is a group of people who are interested in alt-photo processes. Generally there are prints to see. Members bring in what they are working on - some times several people bring prints - sometimes only one or two do. There are often talks given by members and sometimes demonstrations. At least part of the next meeting will have to do with the organization of the symposium we are hosting in September.

    At the moment we have about 40 members from Washington, northern Oregon, and southern British Columbia. If you or anyone else reading this would like to be added to our email list to receive group news and meeting notices, drop me a PM with your name and email address and I'll see that you are added. There is no charge to belong to the group.

    As the plans for the spring meeting firm up, I will post them here.

    Dan Williams
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