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2012 PSPCS Camera & Fotografica Sale Swap & Show

  1. laymonk777
    Hi all,

    Is anyone going to the PSPCS Camera & Fotografica Sale Swap & Show this weekend?

    Besides this show, does anyone from the Seattle/Tacoma area membership; know of any other swap meets for analog camera equipment this year? I'll be there and I'll have some cameras to horsetrade. Mostly Polaroids; Spectra System (2), One Step Plus, One Step Flash. I won't have a table but ping me if you are interested, I'll make you a deal.

    I would be happy to meet up with anyone who would want to do so.. PM me for my contact information OR if you have anything else.

  2. laymonk777
  3. willrea
    I wish I could go, but I work on Saturday
  4. John_Nikon_F
    2013 is April 13th. Price for early admission has gone down to $15 from $20.

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