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Seattle Film Photographer's Meetup

  1. MSchuler
    In case anyone is interested and available, there is a gathering next week of Seattle-area analog photographers:

  2. MSchuler
    I wanted to post a followup to my Meet-up notification: the event went very well, with around ten photographers showing examples of work that was shot on film and either printed in a darkroom or scanned and inkjet printed. I would highly recommend these events, which happen monthly. The actual activities vary from month to month; I think that the June Meetup may be a field trip to do some shooting.
  3. Ralph Javins
    Ralph Javins
    Good morning, MSchuler;

    Thank you for the report. Unfortunately, I had a schedule conflict in Ohio, and I could not make this month's gathering. Then there was the trip back.

    Well, actually this "trip" was one that qualified as "an adventure." The trip back to Latte Land required almost two days, one missed flight due to avoiding tornados in Kansas and Oklahoma, other weather conditions, some equipment failures, and a curious scheduling conflict with a Boeing 767 and the resulting delay at one gate in DFW. Attempts to get onto two other flights on "standby status" were not successful. Finally made it out of DFW the next day. We touched down and spent time in all four time zones in the United States.

    I hope to be here for the June gathering.


    Latte Land, Washington
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