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Dark room gear just follows me home like a cold wet puppy

  1. IdahoPhotoist
    I am located in N. Idaho and though it is a more rural area, equipment just follows me home, well that is not always true, too often I buy it, just because I know the future of the gear if I don't buy it. However now it seems I have no room in my darkroom to work because I am out of space, Kinda like the space on my hard drive.
    It is a frustration and a blessing, that equipment I could only dream of having, or that I had to scrape to buy back when, is now discarded, instead of treasured, just like the non value placed on images now with digital s, people blaze a way not knowing or caring about composition, exposure, image clutter, or timing, but push the hammer down and blaze away maybe they will get a good shot or well we can always photoshop it...
    Anyway, I have so much gear I set up a web site for it.... http://analogphotorefuge.weebly.com/
  2. M Stat
    M Stat
    Hi Idaho, how is the weather up there nowadays? I concur with this sentiment. I happen to own a total of seventeen cameras ranging from 35mm to 11x14, not a single digital camera in the lot. The fact is I use ALL of them, and what a joy it is. As for the digital dilettantes, you are correct in that the new technology of smart cameras has created a generation of stupid photographers.
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