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E6 processing in DC

  1. bluedog
    I will be over in June and expect to have a few rolls to process before I return to Australia. can anyone recommend a good lab in the DC area? Thanks
  2. arpinum
    Penn Camera does e-6 processing. Drop off at any location. It is processed in the Tyson's Corner store (no metro access), and takes an extra 2 days to ship it there and back. total turnaround seems to be 4 or 5 days for drop off in the city.
  3. D Saul
    D Saul
    Check out Dodge Chrome (formerly Chrome).
  4. bluedog
    Thanks for the recommendations.
  5. mayoman88
    To anyone who may read this, they also do E-6 at the E St. location, right downtown. I've dropped off and picked up in the same day... And Dodge Chrome may be less accessible than Penn Tyson's (and double the price!).
  6. vpik01
    +1 for Penn, the accept it at E St but they process it at the Tysons locations. They are of course going through Ch 11 right now but as of last Friday anyway they are still accepting film for processing, printing and doing rentals.
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