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Active group....?

  1. vpik01
    Hello all, this regional group doesnt' seem to active at least in the forum. It would be great to cultivate some more interest though. In that vein I'll just introduce myself... I'm living in downtown DC near the Nationals Ballpark right now and do alot of general photography in and around the region. I've been shooting more and more film over the past year or two after a long hiatus after high school and college.

    Right now I'm excited about getting into 4x5 and MF after finally purchasing an Epson V700... I do my own developing in the bathroom and have been actively shooting mostly Nikon 35mm for the past 2 years. I've gotten to the point of having predictable/repeatable results with the 35mm after some early struggles with water marks and scratches. I have the good fortune of a large collection of camera equipment via my father and grandfather who both were active photographers though at this point in their lives shoot more digital or video respectively. That leaves me with lots of amazing film gear to play with.

    I get out shooting with a rotating group of film photographers in the DC area that I've run into through FOTOWEEK DC, flickr, Penn Camera, ARTOMATIC and a couple other venues but I'm always looking to broaden my horizons. Particularly as I get started in 4x5 with my grandfather's Crown Graphic, anyone want to join me for a Graflex/4x5 photowalk in the next couple weeks?
  2. TheFlyingCamera
    hi vpik01-

    None of the groups seem terribly active, but if you're still interested in doing a large format walkabout sometime, let me know and I'd be up for joining you.
  3. horacekenneth
    So this is old already but I'm here up closer to Annapolis and I'd enjoy a photowalk.
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