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  1. meisburger
    Hello folks. I'm moving from Bangkok to Falls Church on August 26. I was born and raised in northern va, but have not lived there for twenty-odd years, so both a homecoming and a foreign posting in a strange and mysterious place.

    I shoot mostly 4x5, which I took up two years ago on my fiftieth birthday. Since then I have also taken up black and white film development and printing (including occasionally smaller formats). All of this is self-taught from books or the internet, as LF and film resources in Southeast Asia are very thin. I occasionally shoot an old XA (I have two)--and consider it probably the best 35mm camera ever made.

    In DC, I hope to be able to set up a small studio in my basement, and play more with artificial light. Also, I hope to have the opportunity sometime to take a class or workshop in (wet) printing, as I feel I could learn a lot just watching someone that knew what they were doing in a darkroom.

    I will shoot more or less anything. I got interested in LF for landscapes, but find I don't spend that much time in lovely environments, so also enjoy portraits and a bit of architecture. In DC I don't have much interest in monuments, but could see a trip to the national cathedral might be fun.

    Best, Tim
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