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Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day 2011

  1. Poisson Du Jour

    It's (almost) here! Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day 2011 is on Easter Sunday, 24th April, 2011.
    Take your beloved Zero Image out for a walk and gawk and picture something of the world in the way that only a Pinhole user could love (but let's hope we win some converts, too!).

    After the Big Day Out, you have until 1st May to submit one and only one image from your pinhole.
    So if you need a break from the annual Feast of Chocoholics that is Easter, Sunday 24th April is your chance to escape the proverbial rat race.

    Link: http://www.pinholeday.org/

    Silent Street Photography / AUS
  2. Chris Macan
    Chris Macan
    This is the first year I've used a film camera for Pinhole day. In the past I've almost always gone with the ease and instantisity of Polaroid. I'm sure the results from my zero will eclipse what I could do with my polaroids....... But ohhh the waiting!
    Alas such is the downside of shooting 120 slides in suburbia.
  3. John Austin
    John Austin
    WPPD is to be celebrated again this year in Quinninup hosted by Rae Starr, with me as the darkroom boy - There will be at least three Zero cameras, a bag of coffee can canmeras ( spelled correctly) and a couple of 10x8" view cameras with micro precision drilled pinholes - The poster is in the pix gallery, including a canmera pic by a Quinninup child

    Oooops - This should be for 2012
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