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WPPD 2012 is soon

  1. John Austin
    WPPD is to be held on the 29th of April this year - In Quinninup it is being hosted by Quinni' Kids Club, coordinated by Rae Starr with me as the darkroom boy - There will be at least three Zero cameras, a bag of coffee can canmeras (spelled correctly) and a couple of 10x8" view cameras with micro precision drilled pinholes

    The poster is in the pix gallery, including a canmera pic by a Quinninup kid

    For more info on the Quinninup Family Pinhole Photography Day see the poster or visit http://www.jbaphoto.com.au/johnaustinblog.html and scroll down 'till you get to the article

    (When or is Zero introducing a 10x8 inch camera?)
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