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The Zero Image 6x9 Multi-Format Deluxe

  1. raulpc
    Well, this is the camera I ordered from Silverprint... still waiting for it... I will post any images as soon as I get some...
    Meanwhile I'm reading Pinhole Photography by Eric Renner... very interesting stuff...
    Now join and post and talk and discuss, to keep this group alive!

  2. Wrobel Photographic
    Wrobel Photographic
    Hi Raul, I'm sure you will love the camera once it arrives. I use the 4x5 deluxe model along with many homemade pinhole cameras. I have the Renner book but it left me wanting more. It is great for the history of the subject matter but I'm more into reading how-to books so if I may recommend another, you might want to check out "The Pinhole Camera: A Practical How-To Book for Making Pinhole Cameras and Images" by Brian J. Krummel. Its a very nice print on demand book that can be purchased through Amazon. I'm in no way associated with the book, just thought I'd recommend it.

  3. raulpc
    Thank you so much, Tim... I sure will order the book you say right away!
    I went for the 6x9 model because I already made some pinhole experiments with my regular 4x5 camera, and I am interested in working with this 6x9 framing and with something easy to carry around!
  4. Andrew K
    Andrew K
    Hi Raul,

    I'm also sure you will like this camera. I have the 6x6 one and love the results.

    The various Eric Renner books are great - Eric is also a great person to chat with (I've chatted to him from time to time online - he even autographed one of my books for me when I bought it :-) It's still the best all round book on pinhole I've found, but I'm going to have to look into the Brian Krummel book as I've never seen it..

    Hope you get some good shots on World Pinhole Day this Sunday (we'll it's Sunday here in Australia!)


  5. raulpc
    Big sigh, Andrew... I guess that volcano in Iceland did fog with delay my order from Silverprint to Lisbon here...
    So no Zero camera yet, and no pictures do display on the group gallery...
  6. Poisson Du Jour
    Poisson Du Jour
    G'day! Just to make a quick introduction: I'm based in Geelong, Victoria, Australia, and regularly boogie with my Zero Image multiformat 6x9, most recently yesterday for World Pinhole Photography Day (Sunday 26th April, also ANZAC Day in Australia/New Zealand), shooting landscapes of granite and moody skies, then waiting around in the cold for light sunset hues (reducing read-off apertures to compensate for falling light). I don't have much of a scanner but will try and get some images into the here (PROVIA 100F tranny). In the meantime, some B&W pinhole pics can be seen on my Flickr portal: http://flickr.com/silent-street, among many others.

    PS: Yes, first Iceland gave us Bjork, then a bad tempered volcano... I ordered a cable release from Gebre. Schreck in Hesse, Frankfurt for use with my Zero Image, then that volcano blew its top, bother! I am still waiting for it 12 days later... :rolleyes:

  7. John Koehrer
    John Koehrer
    I've ordered a 6X9 Deluxe too, looking forward to having it arrive on the doorstep.
  8. PhotoBob
    I use the 69 Deluxe for much of my pinhole imaging, great camera, easy to use.
  9. raulpc
    So we are two of us, John, waiting eagerly for our 69!... next week, for sure, me hopes...
  10. grahamp
    I have to admit, my 6x9 stays at 6x9, even though the frame spacing is effectively zero. It seems a shame to waste the excellent coverage by using a smaller format.
  11. raulpc
    Indeed, 6x9 is a dream format, I will go shoot some wide landscape to see what comes out... and grahamp if you have some scans of your images post them here... would love to see that 6x9 at work!
  12. raulpc
    It's here, just now, just read the instructions... and a roll is in, a Fomapan 100... let's see what comes out as a first try... I will let you know!
  13. grahamp
    I just put a 6x9 image in the standard gallery. 'Passing boat' is the only Zero Image pinhole picture of mine on APUG. I put up a couple of 5x4 pinhole pictures contacted on cyanotype yesterday as well, but obviously they don't count as they are not Zero Image 8-) The opening image in Gallery 1 at http://www.gapatterson.com/ was done on the 6x9. That actually sold a few copies at 11x14. More than can be said for the rest 8-(
  14. edp
    Mine also stays on 6x9 all the time. And it really is 9cm; there's no gap at all between frames.
  15. raulpc
    Well, my first negative just came out the camera... just experiments... but it was such a thrill... could use two images... the other went bad, my fault... wrong exposure, etc... still I am very happy!!
  16. h**la
    Really good images!
    I'm trying..maybe someday???
  17. Voyager
    ...new to Zero and new to pinhole, with the 6X9 multi format...I haven't even put film in the camera, and already I'm planning to modify it with a bubble level on top, and an added tripod socket on the side...film will be FP4, my favorite...the initial goal is to experiment with distortions and aberrations, with a further look at using those characteristics to emphasize a particular quality or impression in a subject...I'm from Maine (USA), and I've heard there's a pinhole group in Portland--if anyone here knows a contact, I'd appreciate a blip...

  18. henk@apug
    Ordered my zero2000 basic today.
    I hope I will get some moody pictuers out of it...
  19. mfohl
    Hello Folks, I just joined, and it looks like a good group. I will post an image this weekend.

    I have the 6x12 multiformat, and I use it at 6x9. I'm afraid there would be too much drop-off of light at 6x12.

    And I see some remarks about zero space between frames. I found a way to fix that. I use Kodak Tri-X, and I pay attention to what comes by the window when winding. For Tri-X, I think I see something like "Kodak Tri-x 1 Kodak Tri-X". So what I do is, instead of winding all the way to the 1, I stop at the first "i". And for the second frame, I go to the first "x"; then to the number, etc. I'm visually adjusting where the images go. And it basically works. I haven't lost anything yet on the first or last frame, which is the important thing. And I get some spacing, albeit small and uneven. After developing a roll of other film, save the paper and see if there is anything in between the numbers.


    -- Mark
  20. pinholeboy
    Hi pinhole shooters. New to the group but not new to pinhole. I have the Zero Image 69 and love it. It's my workhorse. I shoot with that camera but also have a bunch that I made.
    Looking forward to taling pinhole with you all!
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