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Add pictures to the group gallery...

  1. raulpc
    ...please, with your Zero Image cameras!
    To start making the group alive...
    I thought some technical details with the image would be interesting for debate...

    Unfortunately, as I said in a reply just now, I am still waiting for my pinhole camera... I live in Lisbon, Portugal, and oredered it from Silverprint in England, so my guess is some ashes from Iceland sure delayed its delivery...
  2. grahamp
    Not in the Gallery, but my Pinhole Photography Day submission this year is at http://www.pinholeday.org/gallery/20...ex.php?id=3802 (there's a slightly cropped version in my personal APUG space). My wife was also using the Zero Image 6x9: http://www.pinholeday.org/gallery/20...ex.php?id=3784 .

    Both of these were on Delta 400, EI 200, developed in FG7 1+11 at a 20% reduction in time. Although it does not keep well, FG7 will work at any dilution from 1+7 to 1+15. This is really useful with a Jobo to get enough active ingredient inside the maximum/minimum solution constraints. Exposure was around 2 'Mississippi's from a tripod. Typical Northern California clear sky. A little fog over San Francisco, as usual.
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