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Pete Turner: Empowered by Color
Pete Turner: Empowered by Color (6 min 24 sec)
11-14-2009 at 08:09 PM
Uploaded by robertjonesphoto

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Bold color and striking compositions are at the core of Pete Turner's extraordinary vision. Critic A.D. Coleman wrote of Turner's work, "A dramatist's sense of event, intense and saturated coloration, and a distinct if indescribable otherness are omnipresent in Turner's images. You have seen his work in magazines and books, on record jackets, billboards, and posters--and as original, signed prints." George Eastman House Associate Curator of Exhibitions Jeanne Verhulst discusses images have influenced generations of photographers and continue to inspire the way we see.
In 1959, an expedition from Capetown to Cairo was a turning point in Turner's career. In 1967, The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York exhibited "The Giraffe" from a 1964 expedition. A controversial image for the time, the giraffe, silhouetted against a brilliant red sky, illustrated his growing interest in treating color as a graphic element. A master colorist, he broke all the rules in a pre-computer era. Turner has continued his explorations of color and composition with a keen interest in the monumental point of view that often creates a surrealistic effect.
Pete Turner: Empowered by Color gathers together 61 photographs representing all of the facets of Turner's career, including early work from his first African expedition in 1959 to his latest work of architectural spaces in Mexico through 2005.
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