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On a Snowing Easter
On a Snowing Easter (3 min 00 sec)
04-06-2010 at 06:21 AM
Uploaded by Alberto Bregani

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When you think it could be a warm, sunny easter ... you will certainly find yourself in a middle of a winter snowfall. :-) Ciao!
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  1. mike c -
    Wanted to add I liked the black and white back ground and the contrast of your red jacket.
  2. Alberto Bregani -
    Very kind of you Mike ;-) The sound it is just a sweet guitar playing the soundtrack. If you want to see the shots of that day you can go here http://bit.ly/a6KCYE (Snowing easter) Ciao thanks again! Alberto.
  3. mike c -
    Pretty good,could not get any sound but knew what was going on.Like the way you used the Luna pro for reflective and maybe incidence readings.



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