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I'm a new entrant to the wonderful world of analogue photography, though I've been shooting DSLRs for a few years now. My analogue life truly began a few months ago. I'd long felt that digital, in spite of its advanced technology, lacked the ability to properly render black and white. So I began doing some research and looking at Flickr to see what people were doing about this issue. Sure enough, almost every decent black and white image had been shot on film. I first tried out medium format, purchasing an older model Mamiya 645. While it shot great, fantastic in fact, images, it was too bulky and heavy for my shooting style. Reluctantly I brought it back to my favorite camera shop and they gladly took it back and recommended a Nikon FE body and a 35mm lens. Holding the body in my hands I was instantly enchanted and so I made the purchase. Since then I've shot several roles of Ektar, Tri-X, and Tmax. So far I enjoy the Tri-X the most, though the color and richness of Ektar cannot be beat either.

the funny thing is, is that whenever I would visit my favorite camera shop, even back when I was only looking for digital equipment, my eyes would always be drawn to the Leica case. And then I would look at the lens prices and knock myself in the back of the head. But my rangefinder lust had taken root.

Keeping an eye out on Craigslist I ran across an ad for a Zeiss-Ikon Contina (fixed lens, non-folding.) I bought the camera and shot some film and found that while it took a bit of getting used to, it took amazing pictures.

At this point my rangefinder enthusiasm had reached a fever pitch. Indeed, one day I walked into my local camera shop determined I would by a Lieca, only to once again be discouraged by the pricing. It was at this point I began to research other alternatives and kept coming back to Zeiss. After about 30 hours of research I finally pulled the trigger and purchased a Contax IIIa and a Zeiss-Opton Sonnar 50mm 1.5. I am just now in the process of getting to know the camera and will likely be asking a lot of questions on this forum!
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