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About David Lyga

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About David Lyga
dob: 21 Feb 1950 in Connecticut // ancestry: paternal grandparents: Ukrainian; maternal grandparents: Sardinian

Interests (not prioritized) are: reading nonfiction (or high quality classical 'fiction' which I deem really to be NON fiction because it opens an accurate window onto the past), classical music (12 years in youth studying classical piano), photography (including darkroom), communicating with intellect, be it formally educated or ‘school of hard knocks’ (as both inform), being a loner most of the time (in order to gather and synergize my thoughts), and thinking every day, seriously, about the matter of ethics.

Though raised Roman Catholic of the Byzantine Rite (Ukrainian Catholic) I have been, for decades, agnostic, vegetarian, queer, and, generally, politically liberal, but I usually do not get along well with either liberals or gays because either the political correctness gets in the way of disinterested, neutral fact or the cultural lifestyle is so shallow and limited (even myopic) that it becomes an insult to our capacity to perform like thinking, wise beings. Gay 'pride', to me, is analogous to the idiocy of 'left-handed' (me) pride, black pride, Italian-American pride: meaningless attempts to shore up starved egos. I believe truth to be more important than ego maintenance and the nurturing of self-esteem to be far less pressing than simply 'doing the right thing'.

If I had kids, those kids would be supremely disciplined, civil to all, resolutely honest, and made to feel life's hard knocks and traumas while I was still around to pick up the pieces. Today, too often, children become the extension of parental ego and become coddled solely for the purpose of pandering to one's selfish self by using the safety of 'children as camouflage' for the sole purpose of (subliminally) 'telling' the world that they, the parents, are so very special and important. - David Lyga
Philadelphia, PA USA
see biography, as this field is not large enough
BS Accounting, unemployed. Successful completion of CPA Exam (Nov 2011): still unemployed.


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