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About Fauxtoe Freak
I have always been intrigued by life and all of its wonders. I like to try and convey all of the beauty that i see in all of the earths glory. I started to use photography for this after i bought my first DSLR with my graduation money. I discovered that this is what i wanted to spend the rest of my life doing there after. I started taking classes in photography last year, and knew most of what i was learning already. this year is a little bit different. Learning the zone system, and picking up some Alt. processes to further enhance the beauty that i see in life. I have always found wet plate to be some of the most striking imagery that i have ever seen, so i am getting set up to do that. I am getting the feeling this might be something that i stick with for a long time, pocket providing. I am very excited to be able to do all of this and am looking forward to learning it. I have set a goal to be able to write a book on how to always be able to judge and gauge wet plate just like traditional film. I want to build a wet plate meter. Ian ruhter is very inspiring to me. He was the first person to use strobes to stop action with wet plate. Not only did he just do that but in the snow. What a bad ass. John Coffer is another person that gives me my drive. Most of all the two fellas that gave me the start and inspiration to carry this out, Robert Heartshaw and Darrel Jones. Robert is a tintypest From my hometown, he has helped me out with learning how to pour and giving me all of the knowledge that i will need and talked me threw any questions that have arisen. Bob has also pumped me up about it by being so into what he does and being great at it. Darrel is my photography teacher and has encouraged all of this. He himself was one of the first guys in the united states to bring back the carbo process in the 70's at 20 years of age. Such an inthusiastic fellow. Makes me supper stoked to do photography.
Climbing, Hiking, Creeking, Taking my dog on adventures, Photographing it all.
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