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Information about our Partners..

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Information on the Partnership:

APUG ran into some major problems with our infrastructure. Things were in bad shape and we needed a massive change to ensure this site remained reliable or 'mission critical' so to speak. We have a mass of traffic and data used per day so we needed a new system to accomodate this. What we found after much research was that this would be impossible because such a system is extremely expensive. Still not giving up, we decided to contact several companies to see if they would like to partner with APUG and help offset most of these costs. Much to our relief these companies stepped up to the plate and saved the day by equally contributing to make our solid infrastructure a reality. This could not have been made possible without the support of these companies. Their financial support helps cover infrastructure, software costs and staffing.

We are still 100% in control of APUG. The partnership involves corporate support to our community and the community giving visibility of that support (a block on the homepage and site footer for example). We wanted to choose a diverse group of partners, companies that we respect and will enjoy working with.

We look forward to their continued support as well as returning the favor.

Thank You,
Sean Ross -owner/operator APUG.ORG




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