Traditional Photography Portfolio by Rob Martin 

Cold Wet Day

Torrey Pines Tree - Velvia

Glorietta Bay at night

Boathouse in Coronado - Velvia

Sedona from a distance - Velvia

Bridge at College of William and Mary - HP5+

Grand Canyon RR locomotive drivertrain, Dec06 - HP5+


  Artist's Statement:
Rather than embrace the new digital world, I prefer the look and feel of analog photography. I focus primarily on landscape photography even though I explore industrial and architectural shots when the mood strikes.
  Technical Information:
I primarily shoot 4x5 using an Osaka view camera and square (6x6) medium format using a Bronica SQA. I still occasionally use my Nikon N80 or FG20.
  Contact Details:
Please visit APUG.ORG for a fantastic online analog photography user


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