Traditional Photography Portfolio by Eddy McDonald 

Bridge at Charco Frio

The Night of Ofelia

Bench and Shadow

Garden Angel

Truck in field

The Visitors

Plato's cave

Log Cabin Window

  Artist's Statement:
Photography is a collaborative art, the product of an interaction between photographer and subject. As a photographer, I choose the subject at which I aim my lens. It may be a dancer on a stage, a beautiful face, a rusted padlock; or just the interaction between light and shadow as they mingle on a wall. I interact with all these things to create photographs. Although what I create may be just an image --a two-dimensional abstraction of a three-dimensional reality-- sometimes these images are more than they appear to be. Sometimes they can show us something we have never seen before -- or a new way of seeing something we see every day. Sometimes they offer us a glimpse of that which cannot be seen. When they do thatů then they have become Art.
  Technical Information:
The photographs in this portfolio were made with a variety of film formats, including 35mm, medium format, and 4x5. All were shot with film, mostly Ilford HP5+, but also Delta 100 and XP2. They are all hand printed by myself, usually on either Ilford Galerie or Bergger CB Art Warmtone paper, in sizes from 8x10 to 16x20.
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