Traditional Photography Portfolio by Glenn Paulley 

1937 Dodge

Albert St Alley, Winnipeg

Granary, Ile-des-Chenes, Manitoba

The Path Home, Peterson Lake, MB

Dusk, Peterson Lake, MB

Forest Fire, Peterson Lake

Creek, Peterson Lake

Jack Pine, Peterson Lake

  Artist's Statement:
I grew up in rural Saskatchewan. Though I now live in Ontario, I remain attached to the Prairie landscape. I cannot return home without being saddened by the population decline in rural areas due to economic pressures and disastrous choices of public policy. As I look over the images of the Saskatchewan prairie that I capture, I cannot help but be reminded of the Louis L'Amour title "The Empty Land". No, the land isn't truly empty - most of the Saskatchewan farmland that was in production in the 1980's remains in production today. The difference is that so many fewer people are now on the land to farm it.
  Technical Information:
I shoot regularly with Ilford FP4 Plus, Delta 400, and HP5 Plus film using Mamiya C330 cameras or a Toyo 4x5. I develop the film in either ID-11 or in Perceptol, and print with a Devere 504 enlarger on Ilford fiber-based paper.
  Contact Details:
I can be reached via email at


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