Traditional Photography Portfolio by Ken Davies 

Roundhouse, Bois de Boulogne, Paris March 2007 [120 neg scan]

Chateau de Vincennes, Paris [35mm neg scan]

War memorial fountain, St. Michel, Paris [35mm neg scan]

Underneath Pont Bir Hakeim, Paris [35mm neg scan]

Ventilation fan on building roof near Gare Montparnasse, Paris [35mm neg scan]

Cyclists in the 15th arrondissement of Paris [35mm neg scan]


  Artist's Statement:
I take photographs of my surroundings, nowadays mostly in Paris, where I have lived since March 2002. I use Leica rangefinders (M3 and two older screw mounts), Canon A-1 and AV-1 manual focus SLRs, a Rolleiflex TLR with f3.5 planar lens, and two 5*4 large format cameras (a Shen Hao and a Crown Graphic). I develop my own black and white negatives and scan them with a Canoscan 9950F flatbed scanner.
  Technical Information:
Black and white 35mm and medium format photos mostly on Kodak T-Max ISO 100 film, processed with T-Max developer and fixer. Large format mainly with Fomopan 200 sheet film, processed as above.
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