Traditional Photography Portfolio by Steve Smith 

Poppies at Whale Chine, Isle of Wight

View from the bridge at Tiverton, North Devon

The footbridge at Newtown Harbour, Isle of Wight

Watchet harbour, Somerset

Engine Repairs - West Somerset Railway


  Artist's Statement:
My initial interest in photography was started at an early age by my fascination with my father's collection of cameras, lenses and other bits and pieces when he was a wedding photographer. At ten years of age I had an Agfa Isolette which I used at my Aunt's wedding to produce a set of pictures of the guests - all with their heads missing! At high school I had a Russian Edixa M42 SLR which was closely followed by a Nikkormat then a Nikon FG. I still have the Edixa and the FG Both of which are still working today. After a brief encounter with a Nikon D100 in 2003, I had a renewed interest in film which prompted the purchases of a Rolleicord V, a Bronica ETRS system and a Mamiya RB67 system and the construction of a 5x4" field camera as well as some other modifications such as converting an old Polaroid roll film camera to take 120 roll film on a 6 x 10cm format. I like to combine photography with walking and rarely take pictures which include people.
  Technical Information:
I am now mainly using a Mamiya RB67 with 90mm and 50mm lenses with the 180mm on the shopping list. I like carrying it around using the left hand grip and the waist level finder. I use Ilford PAN F if using a tripod and Ilford HP5+ rated at EI 200 when hand held. I often use a yellow or orange filter. Films are usually developed in Ilford LC-29. For colour I use Fuji Velvia and Provia.
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