Traditional Photography Portfolio by Grant Evans 

  Artist's Statement:
I've been involved in photography for over 30 years in some way or another. I work mostly in LF but also use medium formats as well. My largest format is 8x10 but includes 5x7 and 4x5 as well.
  Technical Information:
For LF work I use a K.B. Canham 8x10 camera and also have both a 5x7 and a 4x5 reducing back so I can work in all 3 LF formats. I also use an Arca Swiss Discovery 4x5 camera for 4x5 and medium format work. I have 2 Horseman roll film backs, one in 6x9 and one in 6x12. My other medium format work is done using a Mamiya 645AF camera. For B&W film I use Kodak TMY, Plus-X and Delta 100 for medium format. In sheet film I use HP5+ and Delta 100.
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