Traditional Photography Portfolio by Dean P Hahnenberg 

Canal, S. Florida, 2003

Bull Run, VA, 1999

Knoxville, TN 2009

Abrams Creek, TN 2006

Laurel Falls, TN 2006

N. Virginia, 1999

Smoky Mountains, TN 2006

Stones and Ivy, Knoxville, TN 2012

  Artist's Statement:
I'm am an un-reconstituted Modernist. I don't care how many layers someone uses in Photoshop; I just don't happen to see that way. I worked in 8X10 for a number of years, so my current weapon of choice, a 4X5, seems like an overgrown, tripod mounted 35mm. I guess I'm looking for the static decisive moment.
  Technical Information:
All photography done with a 4X5 view camera. Prints are conventional gelatin silver, lightly selenium toned for permanence.
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