Traditional Photography Portfolio by Don Sigl 

Regan 810-8

Melissa 15-3

Kyleen 19-10

Liz 27-16

Latissa 38-11

Heather 14b-6

Savannah 17-14

Regan 7-3

  Artist's Statement:
Art is a form of possession. It has never really been an obsessive thing for me. I can put it down… escape from it for periods. I can let it smolder in the background without hardly thinking about it or talking about it. In fact, most of the time, I really don’t want to talk about it, or make futile attempts to explain it. Its enough that it is there, sometimes playing the symbiot, often, the taunting antagonist. Art is hard. It is unforgiving. Yet these characteristics are what give it such revelating power. There is honor in looking such things in the eye. I’m not obsessed with Art. As intense as it is, it would be foolhardy to give over completely. Surrender to it would be hardly different than total domination over it. The former would result in loss of identity, the latter… a deeper loss of identity. It is a struggle that reveals truth by the glimpse. Art is something that integrates itself into your being while still remaining foreign. And that…that’s possession.
  Technical Information:
These days I work in several different formats, including 70MM, 4x5, and 8x10. The 70 MM is shot with a Pentax 67 and 135 macro lens. Large format is shot with Zone VI 8x10. I use a 4x5 reducing back for the 4x5 with a Fuji 250mm WA lens. For 8x10 I use a Goertz 16.5" Red Dot Artar. Film is 8x10 Ilford HP5. For 70MM and 4x5 I use Ilford HP5, FP4. and Fuji Acros. Development is with Pyrocat or PMK. Tray process for the large format. Tank process for the 70MM. I normally print on Foma Fomatone developed in a home brew of Defender 55D. or Ansco 135. Occasionally I will use one of the Amidol formulas. Toning is in a home brew of Nelson's Gold Toner. I usually tone to to a rich brown/black, but also will pull prints early for more neutral tones.
  Contact Details:
I can be contacted through email. or
Print Sales: Click here to view a selection of my prints for sale. I currently have 30 print(s) listed.


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