Traditional Photography Portfolio by Henry Alive 


Mesias de Roda

Regional Medals

El Retiro Lake




La Pedriza

  Artist's Statement:
I practice photography just for fun, but I take this hobby seriously. I just try to make good photos.
  Technical Information:
I usually work with both 35 mm and Medium Format. In 35 mm, I have a Nikon F100 auto focus camera, normally with two zooms: 28-105 AFD and 70-300 AFD. I also work with 50mm 1.4 AFD. Additionally, I always have a Nikon FA with a 50 mm AI in my car, so I can take photos at any time. On September 2010, I bought a Hasselblad 501CM with an 80 F2.8 CFT lens. Now, I am working almost exclusively with this camera, and it has made me be more careful with the light and composition. Now, I also have a 50 and 150 hasselblad lenses.I complement my medium format equipment with a Sekonic 558 Light Meter. I work in Black and White film exclusively. My favourite film is Kodak TMAX 400, EI250. Normally, I develop it with Kodak HC110 developer, concentration 1:47 (E) at 20ĒC during 8 minutes. I have my own darkroom. My enlarger is a condenser Durst M805, and I also have a RH Design product that helps a lot: The Analyser Meter.
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