Traditional Photography Portfolio by Richard Wasserman 

  Artist's Statement:
Over the past several years the industrial uses of the Chicago River have all but disappeared, and the riverbanks are now a popular place to live and play. A surprising number of obsolete industrial and commercial properties have been converted into parks with flowers and trees, paths, and fishing spots. Fish have returned to many locations where the water was previously too polluted to support them. Downtown, many older industrial and commercial buildings have been converted to condominiums and offices, and a great number of new buildings have been constructed. At the onset of the 21st century I felt an urgent need to document the Chicago River before all the remnants of Chicago’s past were replaced by the new and shiny city. This project is being published as a book by The Center for American Places at Columbia College, Chicago with a release date of Spring 2011.
  Technical Information:
These photos were all done with 4x5 Ilford FP-4+, developed in Pyrocat HD, and printed on Bergger VCNB paper. Cameras were a Sinar Norma and a Canham 45DLC with various lenses from 80-450mm.
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