Traditional Photography Portfolio by Noah McLaurine 

Self-Portrait in Bathroom #1

Self-Portrait in Bathroom #2

Light, Dark, Kitchen

3 lines, Kitchen

Self-Portrait in Closet #1

Square of Light, Kitchen

Self-Portrait in Closet #2Self-Portrait in Closet #2

Long Light, Kitchen

  Artist's Statement:
Duality The aim of this project above all is to highlight the ways that we react to our surroundings and the effect that those surroundings have on us—that is, the different emotions that the two places (inside and outside) evoke. Home is a place of comfort. Comfort allows us to reach deep into ourselves. Home gives us the space and protection necessary to open ourselves, to be unguarded and find the deep spaces in our minds. It is in this state that we begin to search. What is found is something entirely personal and unique. The photos here only hint at such personal depth. They are merely clues to my own psyche. In contrast to this internal searching are the emotions that are elicited when one is outside this comfortable area. The outside world necessitates attention, prevents introspection, and thus encourages outward-looking, or, ‘extrospection’. Extrospection does not simply mean looking at the external world. It means looks at (and for) yourself through (and in) the external world. In our homes, we are searching (for) ourselves. Outside our homes, we are searching for traces of ourselves in the outside world. For objects, patterns, archetypes, things appear to represent us. Taken as a whole, we can be said to be trying to define our identity. This process begins in the home. Internal searching is a necessary precursor to its external counterpart. The former sets up expectations that are fulfilled by the latter. These photographs, taken together, create an image of self-discovery. They provide the structure by which a person discovers himself or herself, introspection followed by extrospection, and they provide my personal content, a fairly dark, moody beginning followed by an inconsistent external world that, ironically, hints that my internal work has yet to be finished. Noah McLaurine, 2007
  Technical Information:
These images were taken with a mamiya 7. I use a wide range of negative film (color and black and white).
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Print Sales: Click here to view a selection of my prints for sale. I currently have 20 print(s) listed.


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