Traditional Photography Portfolio by Christian Nze 

  Artist's Statement:
Hi Brothers and Sisters Ini was born and raised in Brazzaville (Congo), before moving to Babylon (France, Paris). As self-taught photographer, Me first became interested in the medium when my Big brother ( Jah save his soul) began taking pictures in Africa with a cheap Eastern Babylon "bald head" camera. In 1988, Ini began to study photography on me own. Me later accepted a post as photographer at The Salpetriere Hospital in the neurological research laboratory (real Mad Professor). In 2002, Jah save my soul and show me a way to Normandy Hill ( Green grass land), taking more time to focus on me personal artwork. Since 2004 Ini have devoted me soul and body exclusively to the creation of fine art photography and Jah rastafari. Me subject matter consists mainly of landscapes and still-lifes, exploring both the outer reaches of the Normandy landscape, and the inner world of Me studio. Ini work in many areas: Platinum prints, carbon, gum contact prints and gelatin silver prints made from large-format to holga negatives. Ini images possess a serenity and quiet sense of contemplation that defines me unique signature style. Ini photographs have appeared in numerous publications and are collected by private collectors through Babylon. Ini and me wife, Evelyne, reside in Normandy with our children. Chris Nze JL Have fun
  Technical Information:
These photography are scan of Gelatin silver print. My work his produce in limited edition of 30 . in each editon there are: 20 6"X6" GSP @ 50 4 9"x9" GSP @ 150 4 18"x18" GSP or 8"x8" platinum @ 350 and at last 2 deluxe edition often 20X24 or larger in platinum 1500
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Print Sales: Click here to view a selection of my prints for sale. I currently have 25 print(s) listed.


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