Traditional Photography Portfolio by Vaughn Hutchins 

Big Leaf Maple, Prairie Cr Redwoods SP, 8x10

Fog, Prairie Creek, 5x7

Redwood Trunk, Nude, 5x7

Two Falls, Prairie Cr Redwoods SP, 8x10

Tamarack Creek, Yosemite NP, 8x10

Indian Rhubarb, Yosemite NP, 5x7

Redwood Sunlight, Prairie Cr Redwoods SP, 5x7

Yosemite Falls, Yosemite NP, 8x10

  Artist's Statement:
I have been photographing the light on the landscape for 30 years...I especially enjoy working with the light filtering down through the centuries of redwood growth. My first and foremost subject is the light. For me, light creates its own forms...almost independent of the objects (trees, creeks, rocks, et al) in the landscape.
  Technical Information:
These are carbon prints...a 19th century process which can produce a extremely permanent print that has the unique raised relief -- the image is created by a gelatin layer (containing lampblack) of various thicknesses. The blacks of the print are noticably thicker than the highlights. I make my own carbon tissue, a mixture of gelatin, lampblack and sugar. The image is made by the hardening of the gelatin by exposing it with UV light through the negative. Unhardened (unexposed) gelatin is then removed by developing it in hot water -- the unexposed gelatin melts away, leaving the image behind.
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