Traditional Photography Portfolio by Hans de Ru 

Harport II - Isle of Skye

Harport III - Isle of Skye

Neist Point I - Isle of Skye

Quirang I - Isle of Skye

  Artist's Statement:
In my prints I try to recreate the quality of the light on the landscapes and streetscenes as I wanted to interpret them, which is not always true to reality. I try to reconstruct the feeling and atmosphere that made the scenes special for me.
  Technical Information:
Most images made on Kodak TMax 100 or 400 film, with a Bronica ETRSi medium format camera. Lenses 150, 75, 50 and 40 mm Bronica PE lenses. Recently I switched from the D-76H film developer to Rodinal 1:50 after some testing, as I liked the general contrast better. Allthough the images shown here are scans of working prints on RC papers, normally I print on baryta papers such as Adox MCC, Ilford Multigrade FB and Kentmere Fineprint VC.
  Contact Details:
My website is


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