Traditional Photography Portfolio by Heather Sullivan 


Willow 3

Sunflower 2

Tomatoes 1

Cycad 3

Quarry 4

Quarry 2

Apple Harvest

  Artist's Statement:
I've been creating cyanotypes (blue prints) for the last 3 years. I started off with a box Brownie, taking architecture photos and now I work with a 5x4 technical camera, taking still life and artistic nude photos. Working with models for the last 6 months has been fun and completely different to my still lifes last year. I love seeing what they come up with for interesting poses. I work in simple lighting and setting so the focus is on the model. The print process also benefits from this, rendering skin tones delicately, like porcelain. I hope you enjoy my work as much as I enjoyed creating it.
  Technical Information:
I use mostly 4x5 sheet film cameras - usually an MPP MicroTechnical Mk VIII or my early Top Handle Speedgraphic. I use either Fomapan 100 or Ilford HP5+ in Rodinal and print using the traditional cyanotype formula on Arches Platine paper.
  Contact Details:
You can contact me via the contact link on my website.
Stargazy Photography by Heather Sullivan


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