Traditional Photography Portfolio by Andrew Moxom 

Stony Point 1

Silver Bay 1

Superior Moonrise

Silver Bay 2

Temperance Winter

Two Harbors 1

Silver Bay 3

Temperance Moonlight

  Artist's Statement:
'Superior Images' A portfolio of images of Lake Superior and it's surrounding areas. For me, the shore of Lake Superior in of Northern Minnesota has an addictive appeal that never fails to inspire with each and every visit. Over the years, and seasons, I have been presented with completely different scenes, and weather conditions, yet each time is an opportunity to capture the energy and feelings of awe this place instills whenever I am there. It truly is a wonderful and humbling place to be. I never know what I will see when looking at the many facets of this spectacular and often unforgiving resource. The photographs were all taken either right on the shore, or very close to it.
  Technical Information:
All prints are made onto Gelatin Silver paper, and then manipulated through the subtle use of bleach and toners such as sepia, and selenium. Not only to change the color of the print, but also to provide archival permanence and longevity.
  Contact Details:
Print Sales: Click here to view a selection of my prints for sale. I currently have 24 print(s) listed.


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