Traditional Photography Portfolio by Domenico Foschi 

At the fish Market, Venice

Loggetta, Ravenna

Ravenna, Italy

Pine on gravel road, Italy

Saint Domenico's Church, Venice

Saint Marco Basilica, Venice

Saint Marco Square, Venice

Tourists on Rialto Bridge, Venice

  Artist's Statement:
Every artistís work is the evidence of a search. My images are testimonials of rare moments when I am as close as I can be to the manifestation of Beauty. Beauty here intended as the Universal value, which reveals interconnectedness in all things. It is a search for what I call Silence: the sound of which all things resonate. The simplicity of my compositions and choice of tonalities are intended to help the viewer in getting absorbed in the scene and hopefully experience the image through other sensory levels. My life experiences act as filters determining my subject matter and the results often show a found past and in some cases roads yet to be explored. Out of focus areas carry an important weight: they are the equivalent in poetry of reading between the lines, they open the doors to an unknown imagery, where shapes, although still being vaguely familiar, challenge and at the same time lure us to a softer and exciting world.
  Technical Information:
Every project requires different tools and techniques. I believe that an artist should bend the tools to the needs of the moment and not the other way around. You will be able to see in my work a wide array of approaches and subject matter. Life is multifaceted and so are we.
  Contact Details:
Tel. +1 562 895 6926
Print Sales: Click here to view a selection of my prints for sale. I currently have 42 print(s) listed.


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