Traditional Photography Portfolio by Kyprianos Cristodoulides 

Oia,Santorini.Midnoon (polarize filter)

Evening colours II,Fira,Santorini.

Evening colours,Fira,Santorini.

As sun goes down,Oia,Santorini

The Sunset in Oia.


Bon voyage.(Red filter)

Bon voyage II (In-camera double exposure)

  Artist's Statement:
A live picture is a printed picture.Pictures in this folio are hand made (home) from 35mm film.
  Technical Information:
Enlarger: Opemus Color 4-ES Lens: Rodenstock 2,8/50 Chems: Tetenal Colortec RA-4,Photocolor Printmaster RA4 Paper: Fuji Crystall Archive Glossy,Kodak Supra II
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