Traditional Photography Portfolio by Ake H Olsson 


Old forest road

Chair in the woods

Barbed wire and log

Moss and Iron

Reflection by the Laga river


  Artist's Statement:
Stop awhile before the ordinary - you might find it quite remarkable!
  Technical Information:
I use a Kiev with a mixed set of lenses (Arsat, Zeiss) as well as a Nikon with equally mixed lenses as well as on occasion a Speed Graphic with its original Ektar. My film is Tri-x most of the time. I develop with HC-110 all the time. I have a very small lab (but with running water) and a LPL 7700 enlarger. I print on papers from Ilford, Kentmere and Forte.
  Contact Details:
Use fotograf at - see my link to my personal domain name here.
Ake Olsson Photography


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